Transformation and Change Management

Digital transformations are even more difficult than traditional change efforts to pull off. We empower organisations with the use of intelligent systems- cybernatic management solutions to design and implement strategies – Mastering The Great Transformation 21 Is Your Challenge And Our Vision.

Organisations confronted with challenges that require input from – and action by – more than a handful of people need the “Syntegration” methodology, invented by Stafford Beer and developed by Fredmund Malik. Large meetings, multiple parallel task forces, or top-down diktats arrive at slow, suboptimal solutions. The term “Syntegration” combines “synergy” and “integration”. It is our innovative system-technological process for transformational change in organisations. Syntegration achieves step changes faster and to better effect – by several orders of magnitude – than traditional approaches. It provides the intelligent communication and cooperation needed for orchestrating and synchronising, for innovating and collaborating. Syntegration leads to unparalleled amplification of the effectiveness of management processes and to potentiation of leadership. The method is applicable in most business and for all complex management challenges. Our customers base is broadly diversified from big business corporations, non-business organisations and public institutions.

Syntegration is applied where conventional change methodologies reach their limits:

  • Transformation and change management projects
  • Strategic transformations, new business models, new growth policies;
  • Large innovation projects, reorganization of structures and processes;
  • Major cost reductions, productivity improvements, revenue increases, safety advances, capital investments, etc.;
  • Acceleration, vitalization, agility and flexibility of an organization;
  • Realignment and reform of organizational culture; building trust, confidence and courage;
  • Effective communication of new missions and strategies, creation of an atmosphere of departure;
  • Digitalization projects with changes in working methods, culture and structure;
  • Post-merger integration with different cultures;
  • Strengthening institutional leadership in the breadth and depth of the organization, etc.

Please visit Malik-Management to learn more about Syntegration or click here for an explanatory video. You might be also interested in an interview we performed with one of our clients after a successful Syntegration.

Syntegration Interview with one of our clients