In our media section we will provide you with insights about the Lubricants & Greases Industry, Operational Excellence, PIMS Strategic Benchmarking, PIMS Customer Value Analysis (CVA®) and Transformation & Change Management.

PIMS®: Good Benchmarking vs bad benchmarking
PIMS®: Benchmark what counts
PIMS®: Nine Basic Findings on Business Strategy

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PIMS®: Lubricants & Greases Analytical Plattform
PIMS®: Do remote working and e-commerce mean the death of the salesman in the post-lockdown world
PIMS®: The raison d’être of your enterprise is to provide customer value: so how are you doing?
PIMS®: Global Lubricants and Greases Supply Chain Benchmarking
PIMS®: Hard working capital
PIMS®: Robust in the face of a new normal and the next crisis
PIMS®: Syntegration Interview
The Malik Syntegration® … Results in 3½ days
PIMS®: An essential part of good business management

PIMS®: Successful strategies for recession & recovery

PIMS®: Customer Value Analysis applied by Ohde & Co

PIMS®: Attributes of champion lubricant manufacturers in Americas

PIMS®: Attributes of champion lubricant manufacturers in EMEA

An explanatory video about the Syntegration® Methodology

PIMS®: The Meaning and value of customer value